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Blueprint Pillar 5:
Governance and Accountability

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future involves thoughtful and comprehensive coordination between many agencies and institutions at all levels of Maryland government to implement the various programs and initiatives and to transform Maryland into a world-class educational system. The Blueprint establishes the Accountability Implementation Board and Expert Review Teams program. These entities hold the State and local education agencies accountable for Blueprint implementation. 

Blueprint Statutory Highlights

Ensuring & Maintaining Excellence

The Accountability and Implementation Board will monitor the State’s progress towards implementing the Blueprint’s programs, initiatives and strategies. The Blueprint also establishes Expert Review Teams that allow for sharing of best practices across schools and districts, as well as supporting schools that are struggling and need assistance.


Accountability and Implementation Board

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Accountability and Implementation Board is an independent unit of State government that was created to ensure the successful implementation of the Blueprint. ​It is governed by a seven-member board supported by an executive director and staff.


Expert Review Teams

The Expert Review Team program is designed to support the implementation of the Blueprint at the school and district levels. By reviewing available data and information, and conducting a comprehensive school visit consisting of observations, interviews, and focus groups, the Expert Review Team will identify opportunities for improving the implementation of Blueprint initiatives with a focus on student outcomes and develop recommendations for support to improve student achievement.


Update: Initial Blueprint Comprehensive Plan Approved

Thank you to all who engaged by attending working sessions, and provided oral or written testimony and input during the development of the initial Blueprint Comprehensive Plan.

View the plan:

To provide feedback on the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, fill out the AIB feedback form.

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