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The Blueprint For Maryland’s future reflects the culmination of several years of planning and multiple pieces of legislation as described in the timeline below.

  1. National Center on Education and the Economy

    The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) publishes an influential report on the hallmarks of high-performing education systems from around the world, titled 9 Building Blocks for a World-Class Education System.

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    Kirwan Commission

    Maryland General Assembly unanimously approves the creation of the Kirwan Commission. Otherwise known as the Commission on Innovation and Excellence, the 25-member body is charged with producing recommendations for improving education in Maryland.

  3. Adequacy of Funding Study Published

    APA Consulting publishes the final report of the adequacy of funding study. The report recommends a total $2.9 billion increase in funding for Maryland schools.

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    Kirwan Commission Shares the Preliminary Report

    The Kirwan Commission publishes its preliminary report, wherein five policy areas of improvement are identified:

    1. Early childhood education
    2. Highly qualified and diverse teachers and leaders
    3. College and career readiness pathways
    4. More resources for at-risk students
    5. Governance and accountability

  5. Interim Report Published

    Interim report of the Kirwan Commission is published. The report, using the NCEE framework and the APA adequacy study, establishes the rationale for recommendations contained in what later becomes the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.

  6. Initial Version Signed into Law

    The initial version of the landmark education reform bill known as the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (SB1030) is signed into law. The bill establishes the principles intended to transform Maryland's early childhood, primary, and secondary education system to the levels of the highest-performing systems in the world.

  7. Full Bill Passes the General Assembly

    The full implementation bill, the Blueprint for Maryland's Future (HB1300), passes the General Assembly.

  8. Final Report

    Final report of the Kirwan Commission is published.

  9. Implementation Date Revisions

    The General Assembly passes SB802 and HB1450 which revise several implementation dates in the statute to account for time missed as a result of the veto and subsequent override.